Simeniuk Welding & Repair


Come see us at 145 Cherry Valley Road, Glasgow, MT 59230, or call us at 406 724 7079 or 406 367 5296. Keep an eye out for the 3 red roofs on the east side of the highway!

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Simeniuk Welding & Repair--

-Has what you need for handling cows and can fabricate what you need for the field, too. 

-Repairs those fatigue owies on your equipment and may reinforce to make everything better than the manufacturer ever dreamed

-Portable unit if you can't get your equipment in from the field or pasture

-Aluminum welding

-Machining/lathe work

-flatbed trailer to haul your custom-made projects to you; special set-up for hauling 10 of our portable windbreaks at once